Facebook Business Suite Adds Ability to Schedule Stories

Facebook has recently announced new features which will be added to Facebook Business Suite. These features will enhance the experience of social media managers. The features included in the update include; scheduling stories for Instagram and Facebook with a new option for discovering businesses in the news feed.

Facebook Business Suite is platform focused on the management of businesses on Instagram and Facebook. It allows users to schedule their posts, and monitor the running of their business. Up until now, there was no option for stories to be scheduled on either platform.

The new option to schedule stories will allow for stories to be created on Business Suite. It will give users the ability to either publish, or schedule a time and date for it to be shared. Users will be able to see the scheduled stories on Business Suite’s content calendar.

Instagram stories were first created back in 2016. Since then, they have evolved to become a form of digital creation and expression. Their use has become particularly important to brands, as an additional way to utilise their platform to attract customers.

Facebook has also created a new feature for the discovery of businesses in the news feed. It will recommend businesses to users, and will be visible throughout the news feed. It will highlight a series of related content, and similar businesses under related topics such as clothing, fitness and food and drink.