How Celebrating Imperfections Can Work For Your Brand

After such an uncertain time in history, users are on a quest to find themselves: spiritually, mentally, and physically. Where social media was a place to enhance your normal life on the quest to perfection, it is now becoming a space where honesty is valued above all.

There has been a rapid increase in influencers who use their platform to share their vulnerability & imperfection. Rather than influencers who advertise the perfect life and looks, users want to relate. By Influencers creating a `safe space` where flaws are celebrated, a level of trust begins to be established between influencer and user that is unparalleled.

How can you use this information to enhance your business?

An increase of users wants to follow accounts that have a positive impact on mental health and wellbeing so creating a positive space is integral. How can this be achieved? By steering away from photo enhancing tools. Instead use images that celebrate skin textures, stretch marks and other qualities that make us unique.

Macro-Influencers vs Micro-Influencers:

According to “Lefty” Brands are increasingly investing in finding unique voices,: “15% of Mac Cosmetics’ influencers are unique to the company; at Fenty, it’s 14%. And while luxury brands are investing more in micro-influencers (an increase of 14% in 2020 compared to the previous year, according to Lefty), many have reduced their partnerships with macro and top influencers”.

Micro-Influencers are growing in popularity due to having statistically more authentic content. As Micro-Influencers have smaller followings there is less pressure to appeal to a large audience, allowing space to discuss subjects that align with beliefs. Leftys Co-Founder Thomas Repelski. Stated, “As influencers’ communities grow, branded partnerships will also increase, and the influencers can find themselves able to accept promoting products outside of their core values.”

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