How to boost engagement at different times of the day

You may believe that your content will do well at the same scheduled time everyday, but recent studies by Journal of Consumer Research show that the type of content is vital for engagement.

When to post What

It was found that “Virtue” content, such as news, educational articles, research or value added content was more engaging in the mornings when people were fresh and awake, than in the evening.

In the evening people prefer to indulge in “Vice” content, such as gossip, celebrity news, food, lifestyle, fashion and some TV drama. 

This is due to the fact that our self control declines over the day, vice content gives instant gratification, so after a long day, it is easy for people to enjoy and engage with content that immediately satisfies their curiosity rather than content that brings long term benefits and requires more brain power.

How to implement and improve your engagement

If your company only works on a certain kind of content, ie: just vice, or just virtue. Then you can schedule your posts accordingly to increase engagement.

If your company posts a variety of content, then categorise the content in to Vice or Virtue to post and schedule it appropriately to increase engagement. 

Right now, the study is only based around social media platforms such as Twitter. With this being said, it is worth broadening your marketing horizons and strategising this in to different channels, such as mailers.

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