Instagram CEO Adam Moserri announces they are moving away from a photo-only app.

The main reason people come to Instagram is to take time out of their day and be entertained. This is their escape from their real world. But over the years, we have seen an insane amount of popularity in video content, like from TikTok. 

With TikTok’s user base increasing more than 87% in 2020, markers are estimating additional growth in 2021. Users are spending time watching short videos for easily digestible content. Instagram wants to incorporate more of TikTok features, which they know is successful.

With generation z being brought up with mobile devices and online entertainment, it makes sense to change the existing platforms to cater to them to stay relevant. 

Instagram released ‘Reels’ to join this short video hype, which has been very successful. But this is nowhere near the end of the line. The engagement received has shown them there’s more they should do.

“We’re no longer a photo-sharing app” – CEO Adam Moserri.

TikTok’s default page doesn’t show content from people you follow. This exposes you to more content creators and increases the amount of time you scroll. The algorithm will then find more videos related to that and add them to your recommended section. Instagram has been experimenting with including recommending more videos in the user’s main feed. This approach may be combined with Instagram monetisation tools which will appeal to creators to stay on the platform. This may create more engagement and change the split time people spend between the two apps and stay more on Instagram.  

With Instagram’s new ‘drops’ feature and other revenue options, Instagram is becoming very different to what we once knew.

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