Make the most of the ‘For You House’ since TikTok monetisation has begun.

TikTok has massively grown over the last few years. Not being owned by Facebook, but still achieving 3 trillion downloads has shocked the world. TikTok are not wanting to stop. They are still pushing for maximum market presence. To help them do this, they have decided to open up a pop-up store in the UK which allows Tiktokkers to come in, interact with large influencers, learn from them how they grew, the best tips and tricks they know. In addition to that pool of knowledge, there is space where they create content in the stage setups in store. 

TikTok For You House

“Influencers including British teenager Kyle Thomas, comedian Ehiz Ufuah, chef Poppy O’Toole and freestyle footballers Jeremy Lynch and Ben Black, will offer £5 ($US6.95) sessions explaining how to make content for TikTok. Sessions will also be available for parents to learn how to keep teenagers safe on the platform.” – The Guardian

Where is it and what will be in the setting?

This 4000 square foot pop up store will be located in a shopping centre in West London. With two floors available, where there will be many layouts for you to create content. These will include a kitchen, garden and a dressing room. 

TikTok For You House

These settings will allow the platform stars to host the best sessions to educate everyone on the different ways TikTok videos can be made and create interest in your niche. This store will be open on 22nd July for two weeks. Don’t miss it.

What niche are your videos going to be made for? Let us know in the comments below.

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