Older Users Are Moving Over To TikTok. TikTok Provides Insights.

TikTok has always been increasingly popular among younger audiences such as millennials and Gen Z. Recent insights shared by TikTok have suggested there has been a huge increase on older audiences becoming more active on the app.

As highlighted by TikTok:

“Every day, millions of parents, teens, grandparents and in betweens come to TikTok to share snippets of their day-to-day life. Here’s what’s unique: often, the whole family participates together—even teens don’t shy away. It used to be a challenge getting everyone to sit still for a photo; now we see perfectly choreographed dance routines from the whole family, including grandma.

Even though TikTok is more widely popular among younger audiences, data released highlights that older audiences are very active with certain topics such as these hashtags:

#family 67B views

#momsoftiktok 44B views

#dad 25B views

#momlife  20B views

#familytime 8B views

#parenting 4B views

This increase in popularity raises many questions. Why are older users are choosing to become active on TikTok?

The insights released, still highlight TikTok’s overwhelming popularity among younger individuals, when compared to older audiences. However, it is suggested that there is a crossover between both audiences, with posts by older creators performing very well among both audiences. This knowledge is very valuable for marketers.

As more older users join TikTok, these insights will become more significant as more different consumer categories will arise.

It is highly likely that more business opportunities will occur, especially since TikTok is projected to reach 1 billion users this year.