Pinterest could sky rocket your small business

Pinterest has become one of the world’s leading internet search engines? Boasting a wide variety of sub categories including: Beauty, well-being, travel, food & parenting. Pinterest is rapidly growing to be an incredibly useful tool for people across a wide range of demographics.

It is imperative for small businesses to keep up to date with the most cost-effective ways to promote their brand.  

There is significant value aligning your brand with current trends. These searches are always on the rise.

Pinterest has seen a significant surge in purchases made. This is due to the recent eCommerce wave that has taken off in recent years. 

Top Tip: 

Pinterest is looking into expanding their SEO reach with new features like ‘Rich Pins’ and increase their product reach with the new ‘Idea Pin’s’ that allows users to tag products linked to affiliates.

Pinterest is adding value to small businesses. Analytics are showing users are 89% more likely to exhibit shopping intent on products tagged in ‘Idea Pins’ than on standalone product pins.

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