TikTok´s Autumn Marketing Guide

Will TikTok be part of your 2021 Autumn Season marketing strategy?

Many businesses will be looking to Tiktok´s Autumn marketing guide over the next few months. This  impressive platform have recently released key usage statistics, important shopping dates to note, and even a calendar overview for planning outreach. The following statistics exemplify TikTok´s success with regards to the correlation between advertising and consumer engagement.

  • 39% of users say that TikTok has introduced them to new brands/ products they had no prior knowledge of.
  • 77% of users say they have purchased something based on something they have come across on TikTok.
  • 47% of TikTokers believe that TikTok is capable of inspiring their gift ideas over the festive period this year.
  • 70% of Tiktokers say that they notice brands incorporating niche holidays such as Halloween in to their content.

TikTok has grown by 950 million users since 2018 and these analytics show that a large proportion of their audience are engaged and open to advertisement. With the number of active users continuously growing at an exponential rate it would be fair to suggest that business´s would be wise to consider Tiktok´s new Autumn season marketing guide. 

Due to TikTok´s extensive emphasis on providing algorythm based content, it would be far easier promoting brands relating to niche holiday based content to your desired target via TikTok e.g. with a simple ´#halloween´

Bombshell PR is on hand to help create and implement an exciting autumn/winter strategy for 2021 to make an impact on your brand.