TikTok Adds New Visual Effects Tools Triggered by Music

This week a series of new visual effects have been rolled out by TikTok! The effects, which are triggered by music; will provide further enhancements to the wide range of creative options already available on the app.

It’s only a matter of time before popular TikTok users, will use these new features in their own content.

As highlighted by TikTok:

“The new effects are powered by real-time and interactive music processing technologies”.

TikToks first new effect is a ‘Music Visualiser’. This addition allows users to create content with an animated background, which has responded to the beat of their chosen sound track in real time!

Another feature which TikTok is also adding is called ‘Music Machine’ which will allow users to creature their own sounds from different beats and sounds as they record their content. It will enable users to create unique sounds every time!

Other features which will soon be rolled out by Tiktok include;

Delayed Beats: this will allow users to synchronise images to the beat of a song of choice.

Text Beats: will allows users to animate texts on their videos, which will transition in sync with their chosen sound.

Mirror Beats: will allow transitions in their videos to move in sync with any song.

These new features will enhance the range of creative options available to users, and will mean the ability to create unique content will be unlimited. 

Advanced feature such as these will allow more TikTok creators to explore their creativity.

These new effects are currently being rolled out to all users, which are available under a specified ‘Music’ tab when creating content.