Twitter’s major update will provide users with far more opportunities

Whether you use Twitter for personal use or for business use, there are some big changes coming your way! It’s been revealed that a new feature that is coming is called ‘Super Follow’. Super Follow is an opportunity for followers to gain access to exclusive content, tweets and potentially more over time. This creates an opportunity for businesses to create a tribe of fans and give them special deals and pin a ‘support badge’ to their profile. This service is rumoured to be around £5 per month. It’s likely there are many more features on the way that may be included when it is released. The release date is not yet announced.

‘Twitter Blue’ is the potential name for a service that can help many users. This includes a feature called ‘collections’. You can save and organise your favourite Tweets here, so you can come back and find them anytime. This is similar to the existing favouriting option however, something else to look forward to is ‘Bookmark Collections’. This is something many Twitter fans have asked for and now it is becoming a reality! Bookmark Collections let you not only favourite your Tweets but also organise them into folders of your choice. Whether it’s more inspirational quotes, funny tweets or marketing blogs, you can separate them better than ever before for only £2 per month.

Another feature Twitter is created is the ‘Undo Tweet’ button. If you have typed your Tweet but you notice a mistake as you’ve pressed ‘Tweet’, you’ll have the chance to remove it using the new ‘Undo Tweet’ option. This gives you roughly 5 seconds to cancel posting your Tweet, so you can make the appropriate changes. 

This can help a lot of people if their hands are moving faster than their brain and quickly press ‘Tweet’ before they finish reading back the tweet to themselves.  This can be useful if you have noticed the mistake in time. 

For others, you probably do the regular check in the moment, but it’s not always easy to notice the error as you have read it correctly in your mind. It is more likely that you’ll notice the mistake the next time you look at it after you already posted it. By then it will already be public and your usual action would be to delete it and repost it correctly. 

Twitter as you know will most likely still be the same. You’ll still have the free use experience as normal. But if you want to gain the best experience of the new Twitter, and get exclusive content from your favourite accounts, then consider switching over to some of the subscriptions services available. More features may be revealed over time.

If there was a free trial offered when it’s released, would you try it? What other features would you benefit from while using Twitter? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. 

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