Twitter’s new eye-catching design feature is great for digital marketers

It’s a dream come true! Twitter has been working away on a new update that allows a new format for your photos. Previously, as you know, images were cropped horribly. It made it very hard to see the content you were sharing. Unless you planned out the image sizes beforehand, you didn’t know how it would look after you post it.

Users feed now look amazing with the full-size images shared with the tweets. This has great implications for those using Twitter for marketing purposes. You now get a greater dominance of your screen when using images. This attracts the users’ awareness to your post. Your message can stand out better than ever before.

Twitter Support has explained that these are the aspect ratios that will show your photos in full; 2:1 and 3:4.

Can this update be so good it has no downside?

Well, as much as having cropped images were annoying and unappealing at first glance, it had its benefits. People who were interested in seeing the image could click on it to expand it. This counts as engagement and can be tracked for analytical purposes.

Now that images will be bigger without needing the click on them, you could expect to see a decrease in engagement with your posts. You may want to experiment with Tweeting with and without pictures to see the impact this has on you.

Be aware that the large photos will only work for single images. If you wish to post multiple images, they will be grouped together and cropped like normal. This can be a nice change to your feed as opposed to only showing single images and tweets.

In time, people will master the sizing to show the biggest photo possible. Do you think it could get to a point of businesses seizing this opportunity for easy editorial and advertising purposes that dominates the app? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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