Would you join the Metaverse?

But what is it exactly? Try swapping out the term, ‘Metaverse’ for ‘Cyberspace’ as Wired has put it; this shifting the understanding towards it being virtual real-estate. This means that this term does not refer to a specific type of technology and rather a shift in how we interact with technology.

With Facebook’s recent name change to Meta; many have speculated about the coming age of online connection. Businesses investors and tech enthusiasts alike have been keen to decipher and adopt the coming change by purchasing and selling new ideas and concepts based on the theoretical metaverse, which aims to facilitate all new types of social connections.

Even so, with the metaverse still being in its infant stage and yet to be a fully actualised concept, with even Mata re-instating that it will take years to become a reality.

No one knows how the metaverse will be, and while some are picturing a new highly sophisticated era of digital connection for all, some also express concerns that this technology will only be available for the higher class and major players as they may be the only ones equipped to host this entire new stage of digital intelligence. 

Still, the metaverse discussion is a well-advanced one, fuelling many thoughts and apprehension about what the next stage of connection will bring. 

NordVPN surveyed 1,000 consumers to get some insight into how people feel about the metaverse shift, and what they know of the concept. What’s most interesting, while 87% of participants were uneasy about how the metaverse could potentially affect their privacy, 74% would join or at least consider joining anyway.

With privacy seeming to be the priority concern for most, its intriguing to note that utility always takes precedence.

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