Instagram continues to grow its eCommerce ability

We have seen Instagram take more actions towards increasing its eCommerce abilities, but they are nowhere near done yet. Instagram’s latest launch is called “Drops”. This allows the latest products to be showcased from your favourite brand that you follow, engage with, or may potentially be interested in.

Drops will show the new releases from trending brands and retailers, like Nike, Adidas and many others. Photos and videos can be used to show the products or have live countdowns that show when they will be released. This section can boost awareness of the products. 

  • This makes it far easier for users to purchase products straight off Instagram. 
  • Users can get reminders of when new products get released, so they can be first.
  • Not only does the reminder help the user know when the product gets released, but it also helps the brand marketers gather metrics on how many users are interested. 
  • When users see hot trendy products, they can share them with their friends which spark conversations and build positive word of mouth. 

Where can you find it?

“Drops” is another tab located inside the Instagram Shop section. Look on the top bar next to “Shop”, “Editors pick” and “Guides”.

Note: Instagram has only made ‘Drops’ available for mobile users in the United States for the moment. But keep updated with us to find out when it’ll be released in your region.

Is this the right direction for Instagram?

With the increased growth of eCommerce, it’s important for everyone to take every opportunity to move with the times and incorporate eCommerce into their platforms. More and more people are escaping the real world and spending time on social media. Therefore, making eCommerce available to them without leaving the Instagram app can remove purchasing barriers and generate businesses more sales.

Data from eMarketer has shown an increase in social commerce by almost 38%. If you’re a marketer, click here to find out more about how social commerce is the future.

Brands can take advantage of Instagram’s new ‘Drop’ feature to create more sales. What product are you interested in selling using the ‘Drop’ section? Let us know in the comments below.

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