TikTok’s new Livestream features and eCommerce ability.

TikTok is not done taking over. With these new features, they will increase the growth in the platform community and help with eCommerce.

TikTok is offering new elements for their live-stream options. This will include live Questions and Answers and co-streaming. When co-streaming, your screen will split down the middle and show you both left and right. (This was an option before, however, now you don’t need over 5000 followers to do this). To help get your audience to join, you will be able to schedule the event and allow them to register and create in-app reminders for when you go live.

A way to create a more engaging Q&A that TikTok has thought of is to have the question on a card on the screen while you’re live. This way, the question gets more focus and the audience can easily keep track of what the streamer is talking about. It gives the audience some encouragement to ask something to get their question on the screen. 

A big thing for TikTok is increasing eCommerce capabilities. By improving their monetisation ability, more people will want to stay on the platform.

TikTok is testing a way for live-streamers to promote products like the outfits they are wearing and allow the audience to see them and purchase them on the app. This could be a huge incentive to large businesses to utilise this platform and hire large TikTok influencer accounts to promote their products. 

This is still being tested, but we can be sure to expect another big growth in TikTok users when these features are improved and more get released. It would be wise for anybody reading this to keep posting TikTok’s and growing their audience to prepare to maximise their eCommerce potential.

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